“Early March, 1916, the Citizen Army held manoeuvres… the ominous word “rehearsal” was used”


About early March, 1916, the Citizen Army held manoeuvres and practised street fighting all one night in the Patrick St., Coombe, Francis St. area. A large force of detectives; and uniformed police were present all that night but took no action.

Next morning the detectives made their several individual reports and many of them described the night’s actions as “rehearsal of street fighting”. A central report was compiled and several copies were submitted in the usual manner to the various authorities in the Castle, viz, civil, military and police. Nobody appeared to attach any special importance to the night’s activities, although the ominous word “rehearsal” was used several times in the reports. It was just treated as another march of Volunteers and left at that.

Bureau of Military History testimony of Eamon Broy, I.R.A. Intelligence Agent, Dublin Castle, later Garda Siochana Commissioner

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