I wish to place on record an instance of which I was an eyewitness.It was St Patricks Day 1916

Cruagh, Rathfarnham, March 1949

I wish to place on record (what I believe has never been recorded) an instance of which I was an eye-witness as I think it is due in honour to the memory of the man concerned.

It was St. Patrick’s Day 1916 in College Green where Eoin McNeill was reviewing the volunteers of the Dublin Brigade. I was in charge of the cyclists of the 4th Batt. on the right of College Green as you face Cork Hill, on my left were the cyclists of the 3rd Batt, in charge of Lieut. Malone, our duty was to close the road against traffic.

Just as Cmdt De Valera was giving the order for his battalion (immediately behind us) to present arms a large motor car came to a halt in front of Lieut Malones cyclists, in that car was Major Genl Friend, G.O.C of the British forces in Ireland with some members of his staff.

The obvious intention of the driver of the car was to cut the corner into Trinity Street otherwise the car would have driven to my side.

michaelmaloneLieut Malone went forward and objected to the car getting through, he was determined that it should not get through and his determination succeeded as the car was backed and went away in the direction of George’s Street.

Now this Lieut Malone was the same Lieut Malone who gave his life for freedom at Carisbrooke House a few weeks later (Easter 1916).

His guiding motto on both occasions would appear to be: They shall not pass.

All honour to his name and memory, and to his soul eternal rest.

Bureau of Military history testimony of John J Keegan, Member of Fourth Battalion, Irish Volunteers


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