Alice Stopford Green: “Whatever underground work there may be is unknown”

36 Grosvenor Road Westminster

My dear Sir Matthew,

… I have had opportunity of seeing a few people, priests and others, closely concerned in the Irish Volunteers, and have had some frank conversations. It would have given you a surprise to hear them. What I have heard confirms my view that whatever underground work there may be is unknown, not only with the chiefs, but to the general body of confidential organisers, who are straight, honest young men. There is not the same soil for [our] counsels to grown in as there was thirty years ago; but I am more than ever convinced of the madness by which Redmond has let all this good material slip out of his hands. When will there be an old man with a heart young enough to lead the young with his experience! With all the laughing and foolish leadership, perhaps the Volunteers are a force for order, rather than disorder…

All good wishes, all warm remembrance, and all hearty thanks from

Yours [ans] sincerely, AS Green