Police log: “Military stormed Daily Callers office… attack now in progress”

Incidents from 12 noon 25-4-16 to 11.50am 26

Tuesday April 25th

18 armed Volunteers (rebel) took 2800 detonators from Mssrs Boileau & Boyds Mary Street. They occupied George’s Hill Convent.

Information that residents Eblana Villas residential master people turned out of their houses and houses occupied by rebels and loopholed.

Bolands Flower Mill occupied by rebels & machine gun (Colton statement as to same doubtful)

Roof 47 Lower Leeson Street occupied by rebels 4am.

Rebel Machine gun (?) reported on top of Turkish Bath Stephen’s Green West.

Sheehy Skeffington posted placards announcing that womans franchise association were to meet at 5pm to establish a police force to stop looting.

4 armed rebels took possession of granary stores Hanover Quay Ringsend 4000 tons of grain stored there.

Police phone cut off 3.25 p.m.

Military stormed Daily Express office and occupied it & also 2 shops opposite about 2.p.m. They had several casualties. The rebel occupants escaped by the rear.

Military in possession now of Midland & W Railway bridges at North Circ Rd 5.35pm.

Bridewell Police Station cut off from all communication.

CDWth Police arrested 85 persons for looting.

Bridewell eleven. Barricades erected by Rebels in Sackville St & N Earl St.

[…] & Jervis Lane Bank Palace Street fired into by military to din out enemy suplies.

Phone cut between castle and E Div at 7.35pm. Rumour that between 8 & 9pm rebels had blown up Drumcondra Bridge

Lipton, Henry St, looted.

Constable Heffernan DMP taken prisoner by rebels at 9 a.m. and taken to Four Courts together with 14 soldiers also captured. Released at 9pm & given a pass to get by enemy pickets. Rifles and ammunition taken from the soldiers and they were released. Commandant Dalys name was mentioned amongst them. They were mostly in plain clothes and were all armed and evidently Dublin men.

10.45pm shots fired into Kevin St Barracks from houses opposite

Rebels posted at Fairview in the morning early, turned back all persons going towards Dublin.

All casualties to date (approx)

Head […]


Killed                wounded

5 officers            7 officers

18 men            46 men

23                53


Hospitals (civilian)

2 police            1 policeman [Danferdus]

16 soldiers            15 soldiers

14 civilians            85 Civilians

2 rebels (n.accurate)        7 rebels (not accurate)

35                107


Grand tot: 58 killed        160 wounded

Jervis’s Hospital report they are full of dead & wounded not counted yet.


Yesterday morning Station Sergt Hughes DMP who was taken prisoner on Monday 24.4.16 was about midday released by The Rebels from Stephen’s Green & after proceeding a few paces was shot down. He is in a critical state. The police have arrested 4 armed rebels during day (25th)

Kellys shop raided by Military (Harcourt Road) Dixon, editor of the Blackmailing paper “The eye opener” also “The Search Light” arrested.

7:15am today (26.4.16) 500 Rebels reported mobilizing from Sandymount to assist those of their party defending the post office against military.

7.45am the Bridewell Police Station are hard pressed for food. The rebels cover the station from the Four Courts

7.55am rebel pickets outside Jacobs biscuit factory. 3 18 [pomedus] level Liberty Hall & [leave] 6 prisoners.

600 rebels reported holding G.P.O. & Sackville S barricaded with barbed wire also trenches dug across.

There is an attack now in progress, supported [to he] by military on Sackville St.

36 Male Prisoners & 9 women in Shop St Bks Guard room.

W.E. Johnstone


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