To Prime Minister: “GPO… troops are being concentrated for its envelopment”

Private Secretary to Prime Minister April 26th

The Sinn Fein position round GPO has not yet been attacked but troops are being concentrated for its envelopment. House to house fighting is necessarily slow and the troops from England who are all now landed had to overcome a good deal of opposition of this sort on road from Kingstown. GOC fully appreciates necessity for disposing of Dublin situation as quickly as possible in view of Sinn Fein movements in Clare and Galway whence a considerable hostile body are reported to be marching on Athlone. There has also been some small movement in Louth but latest reports from other counties represent things as normal in them. GOC has asked for further brigade from England and I trust it will be possible to send this without delay to end present intolerable position.


“A machine gun is engaged just now at Jacobs by military”: 7.07pm

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Kevin St Station of Origin Date 26 4 1916 Received at 7.05pm Sent at 7.07pm

From Supt A To Chief Supt

A machine gun is engaged just now at Jacobs by military if volunteers are beaten out of Jacobs they will come out by the tenements in Bride St, and occupy the New Play Centre & Iveagh House.

Pse take steps to have a party of military on Bridge St side to intercept them in their flight.

“Preparative measures taken for attack on Sinn Fein position in Sackville Street”

From NATHAN to BIRRELL April 26th

No considerable advance has been made in Dublin. Some preparative measures taken for attack on Sinn Fein position in Sackville Street for which troops are being concentrated. Some of those from England are at Kings Bridge and some held up for a time near Ballsbridge have overcome resistance there. Two battalions arrived from England this afternoon on their way from Kingstown.

As regard rest of country most serious reports is that 1500 Sinn Feiners from Athenry marching on Athlone. General Officers informed but cannot spare troops till Dublin dealt with.

“There are all sorts of rumours amongst the mountains. Masses of men marching”

It was dark night when I left Meagher’s house of Anfield that Easter Wednesday night and I took the road to Upperchurch and on to Milestone amid the mountains. I carried no bicycle lamp for obvious reasons and I had difficulty sometimes in finding my way. I had to get down a gulley to get a drink in mountain stream, as I had been taking Oxo tablets which Mrs. McCann had given me earlier in the day to aid me on the night journey and, as a result, I was very thirsty. When I reached Milestone I saw a light in the publichouse there and I knocked. A man came to the door and lasked if there was any chance he would make a cup of tea for me and that I would pay for it. He asked me in, saying “I will make the tea, but there will be no payment. What is the news? You are on some mission”. “Do you know me?” I said. “Certainly I do, you are Eamon O’Dwyer and I am Jim Condon, one of the people of this publichouse”. “Yes, I am on a mission all right” I said. “Where do you stand, are you a member of the Irish Volunteers?”

“Certainly”, he said. “There are all sorts of rumours amongst the mountains. Masses of men marching everywhere”. “Well, I hope it is true” I said. “I don’t know”, he replied.
“Suppose Tipperary is deciding to fight, could you get anything done here?” I asked. “Certainly, I can” he said, “there is a bunch of fellows will come out here”. I said, “in that case we will give you word sometime tomorrow and Kinane will send a dispatch courier to you”. So I drank the tea and bade goodbye to Jim Condon and I took the road to Newport
on the other side of the mountains….

Bureau of Military History testimony of Eamon O’Duibhir, Tipperary County Centre of Irish Republican Brotherhood

Mullingar County Inspector: “All is well… I will send daily reports by cyclists”


Mullingar 26 4 1916

I beg to report that up to last evening everything was quiet in Sligo and Castlebar- wires I had written to Carrick on Shannon, Galway, Ennis, Limerick and Cork could not be sent owing to post office difficulties and not I believe through the wires having been cut except as regards Galway.

I got onto Cork at 11pm last night and the police there tell me that all was then quiet and so far as they know or knew the same could be said of Limerick and Tralee.

Passengers arriving here from Galway at 12.45pm yesterday stated that nothing had occurred in Galway town up to the time they left. However, at 8pm, the [DI?] Athlone telephoned that he heard that the Sinn Feiners about Athenry had got together, had marched to the town of Athenry and had taken the police barracks there. This is evidently true as the Railway authorities in Mullingar informed me that they were sending a special train from here to Ballinasloe to convey a large detachment of Police from Ballinasloe to Athenry. This special train left here at about 8pm.

At about 2pm yesterday railway communication at Athenry was interrupted by the Sinn Feiners and trains are held up there. Telegraphic communication is still open as far as Ballinasloe but not beyond that town. All quiet yesterday at Tullamore and the only thing I can say of Ennis is that last night Cork had heard no bad news from that quarter. All is well in this and the surrounding counties.

I will send daily reports by cyclists as directed,

[(Jd)] RJ Maunsell CI

PS I have just heard from Co. Supt Carrick-on-Shannon by post that all is quiet in his county.

Note: Quiet at Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Kings, Westmeath.. ? counties Cork

“Sinn Feiners numbering about 1,500… have invaded the railway line near Athenry”

6.30pm 26-4-16

A party of Sinn Feiners numbering about 1,500 are reported officially to have invaded the railway line near Athenry and to be apparently approaching Athlone. I am informed the Sinn Feiners are in occupation of Renmore Barracks and of same police station,

I suggest that it may be considered advisable to send troops to Athlone this evening to meet the crowd should they come there. I am informed there are about 250 rifles at Athlone Barracks and a large quantity of ammunition.


The above message was telephoned by RA Madden DI Mullingar to the Guard Room at the RIC Depot. He got the information from Colonel Galway, Commanding No. 11 District.

“A bullet was fired in through front windows of 3 Greenville Tce”: 6.30pm

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Newmarket Station of Origin Date 26 4 1916 Received at 6.30pm Sent at 6.35pm

From SS Griffin To Chief Comm.

Const Hill 86a reports that he has received information that there are three Sinn Feiners lying in the grass in tenter fields at rere of Grenwilliam and that a bullet was fired in through front windows of 3 Greenville Tce which is occupied by a jew named Eppel on evening of 26 inst.

Copied to Under Sec

Sent by hand to Garrison

“Given names of persons who she states are at present in the distillery”: 6.30pm

630MrsAnnieJordanDublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Kilmainham Station of Origin Date 26 4 1916 Received at 6.30pm Sent at 6.31pm

From SS Griffin To Chief Comm.

Mrs Annie Jordan 49 Marrowbone Lane has reported here now that on 25th inst a man named Keogh 15 Dolphins Barn St conveyed two loads and on morning of 26 inst one load supposed ammunition from his residence into Jamesons Distillery said lane (Marrowbone Ln) also that J Doyle 97 Cork St and James Nolan 99 Cork St and Patrick Birmingham 1 Iveagh Terrace which is between 99 & 100 Cork St who are at present in distillery have a lot of arms in their […]. She is not quite sure that the information relative to arms applies to more than Birmingham and that a man named [James] of Reillys Ave Dolphies Barn Sth delivered a load of bread into the distillery on morning of 26 inst she has also given names of persons who she states are at present in the distillery and which are recorded here.

Copued to Under Sec sent by hand to Garrison Adj and conveyed by motor cyclist to Mil H Qrs.