“Shall I postpone all examinations until further instructions?”: 11.48pm

Message Received in Chief Secretary’s Office

Irish Office at 11.48pm

Sir Matthew Nathan

What am I to say with regard to following-

The examiners for the Intermediate Education Board examination ask whether there is any use in their going over. Shall I postpone all examinations until further instructions. Chadfield Incorp Society of Musicians 19 Berners St Ldn W,


“A band of rebels in Saucerstown..It is a great pity they cannot be rounded up”


Telephone message from C.I. Howth at 11\35p.m on 28\4

There is a band of rebels in Saucerstown between Swords & Garristown. Theyare the same party who took Swords Barrack & Donabate on Tuesday & Wednesday. It is a great pity they cannot be rounded up.
Phoned to Depot 11-46p.m 28\4

“Approaches to Enniscorthy within a radius of 3 miles… blocked with felled trees”

C.I. Wicklow wires on 28/4/16. Handed in at 10-45p.m. Received at 11-8p.m.

C.I. Wexford wires as follows. I have ascertained that the damage to Barrow Bridge of D.S.E. Ry. means only the removal of some coping stones and the twisting of a rail. Information has been received that the Scarawalsh Bridge 3 miles from Enniscorthy on the road to Ferns and Dublin was blown up and that the approaches to Enniscorthy within a radius of 3 miles of the town are blocked with felled trees and in one case by a telegraph pole which the Irish Volunteers have placed there. Conflicting reports have been received this evening as to Edermine Bridge on the road between here and Enniscorthy 3 miles from the latter was being torn up by Irish Volunteers from Enniscorthy. Enniscorthy is still held by the Irish Volunteers and no information as to the actual state of the town is obtainable. No untoward incident has been reported from the Districts of Wexford, New Ross, or Gorey. D.I. at New Ross reports his district is now peaceable but that he fears trouble.

“Police at Slane… ordered to barricade the bridge… rebels overrunning Co Meath”

Wire from C.I. Dundalk. Handed in at 10-37a.m.? received at 11-43p.m. 28/4

Further particulars are to hand. It appears C.I. Gray had about 54 police in motor cars. Rebels evidently laid trap for them at Ashbourne as they were fired on before they could get out of cars. The police fought for some time but were overwhelmed with casualties I have already reported. I have ordered D.I. Holmes, Kells, to take charge of the Co Meath force pending instructions. Rebels now reported near Duleek about 4 miles from Drogheda; they are commandeering motor cars. From Duleek they can either go to Drogheda or across to Slane and thence to Dundalk via Ardee. 12 police at Slane Bridge over Boyne and they have been ordered to barricade the bridge. All military precautions are taken at Drogheda and Dundalk. I strongly advise that troops from Dublin in motor cars with quid firing guns should  be sent at once to Slane Co Meath to assist in rounding up the rebels who are overrunning Co Meath. I have consulted Major O.C. Troops Dundalk and he concurs.

“Sniping by military was very brisk… believe Hickeys the Drapers is on fire”

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Store Street Station of Origin Date 28 4 1916 Received at 10.35pm Sent at 10.40pm

From Supt C To Chief Supt

Sniping by military was very brisk about an hour ago. I went up Talbot Street with a military escort and I believe Hickeys the Drapers is on fire. I have no news from Sackville Street. I sent out twelve men to assist the military at 1pm to-day four of them have returned at present the others are alright. I have two men on plain clothes duty at Amiens Street.

Sent to Under Secretary

Copied to Garrison Adjutant

Seen MN

Soldier was “conveyed by his directions in a coffin to the back gate at Rialto”

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Kilmainham Station of Origin Date 28 4 1916 Received at 10.30pm Sent at 10.40pm

From SS Maguire to Garrison Adjutant and J Notts & Derby Regt Richmond BKS

Pte Fred Wiggette no. 4866 2nd J8 Notts & Derby Regt Royal Hospital was found by Assistant master SD Union at 8am 28th 4 16 holding a post assigned to him at union bakehouse where he was posted at 7pm 27 4 16 where his Battn retired from the union grounds, he was sheltered by the Assistant Master and afterwards conveyed by his directions in a coffin to the back gate at Rialto where he was handed over to military guards at 9pm and conveyed to his Battn as above.

Copied to [JC?]

“ “ Under Secretary

“ “ Garrison Adjutant

“At Ashbourne… District Inspector Sergeant and 7 men killed”: 10.30pm

Nathan To Power

28/4/16 10.30pm

Military force arrived in Galway. In Wexford Enniscorthy still held strongly be rebels. At Ashbourne 15 miles north west of Dublin police surrounded by rebel force and District Inspector Sergeant and 7 men killed County Inspector and 14 men wounded. Some unrest in North of County. Dublin and Louth and a few telegraph wires cut in Limerick. In Clare rebel meeting has been announced and will be prohibited if military can provide troops to prevent it. Have no authentic information of situation in Dublin or of general disposition of troops.

Sinn Fein Rebellion: “Send up supply of bread & milk for soldiers wives”

8pm Captain Sleigh St Catherines Church Thomas Street to OC Troops “Please send up a supply of bread and milk for soldiers wives who are in need of it here.

8.10pm Chief Superintendent to Superintendent A Please cause Chancery Lane and Newmarket Station to be locked and bring men to Kevin Street Barrack and Harbour Bks is also to be locked up and the men from there sent to Kilmainham.

10.35pm Superintendent C to Chief Superintendent Hickey’s the Drapers supposed to be on fire. Snipers still busy. I sent out 12 men to assist the military at 1pm today. 4 of them have returned, others reported to be all right.

10.30 Asst Master had a Pte Soldier who was forgotten at his post in the Union Bake House conveyed safely I a coffin to the military guard at Rialto.

10.30pm Superintendent D to Chief Superintendent Bridewell cut off from Communication since 11am.

“Sinn Feiners have broke into Haydens at the corner of North Kings Street”

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Green Street Station of Origin Date 28 4 1916 Received at 10.30pm Sent at 10.35pm

From Superintendent D Division To Chief Supt

I have not heard from the police in the Bridewell since 11am today and they have no food.

The military here now advanced along Ormond Quay as far as East Arran Street and Green Street as far as to the junction of  North Anne St and have searched the houses along that neighbourhood, and I am also informed the Sinn Feiners have broke into Haydens at the corner of North Kings Street and Anne Street and were sniping the military. They >military< have also possession of the… Sinn Feiners escaping from the  City Arms Hotel, Prussia Street

Copied to Under Secretary, “ “ Garrison Adjutant