Day 5, Sinn Fein Rebellion: “men and boys were seen… entering Jacobs”: 5.20pm

5.20pm Supt A states that men and boys were seen pist now entering Jacobs through the windows.

5.30pm Police to Garrison Adjt at 4.50pm 25th inst Mary Lister 27 South Square Inchicore aged 60 and her daughter Catherine Lister aged 22 years were brought to Kilmainham Station by the military on the charge of spying and signalling at SD Union.

5.50pm Information from Terenure that Rebels all reconsidering at rear of Eaton Square Terenure and that a sniper is in a shed near Kimmage Rd about 200yards from Harolds and Laundry.

6pm Master High Sehove Harcourt Street states there was no light in Harcourt Street last night and that 5 armed Rebels were patrolling the Street. Three civilians were shot outside his door and the walls are perforated by bullets.

6pm Police at Irishtown get information that the residents of the houses 16, 18, 22 and 24 Bridge St Ringsend were cautioned by a Rebel called Nic to have their houses as the Rebels would occupy them if they were driven out of Bolands Mills.

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