Deputy Inspector General: “arrest… all suspects whose names are on War B List”

Under Secretary,

Submitted. Now that troops are available the arrest is recommended of all suspects whose names are on War B List, already furnished to you and to the General Officer Commanding Troops. It is not proposed to limit the police action to these particular names. All influential supporters of the Sinn Fein policy who would be likely to organize support for the insurrection should be included in the arrests.

It is probably that this action would now be practicable un the Ulster Counties. In all cases it will be necessary for the County Inspector concerned to satisfy himself that he has sufficient men (a) to arrest and escort prisoners (b) that the prison has got an adequate guard.

I attach a list of prisons showing the number of extra prisoners who could now receive accommodation. Belfast and probably Armagh would now be safe. The remaining prisons would need to be held by a military Guard before they could be used for the purpose contemplated.

The Inspector concurs.


Deputy Inspector General

28th April 1916

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