“Police at Slane… ordered to barricade the bridge… rebels overrunning Co Meath”

Wire from C.I. Dundalk. Handed in at 10-37a.m.? received at 11-43p.m. 28/4

Further particulars are to hand. It appears C.I. Gray had about 54 police in motor cars. Rebels evidently laid trap for them at Ashbourne as they were fired on before they could get out of cars. The police fought for some time but were overwhelmed with casualties I have already reported. I have ordered D.I. Holmes, Kells, to take charge of the Co Meath force pending instructions. Rebels now reported near Duleek about 4 miles from Drogheda; they are commandeering motor cars. From Duleek they can either go to Drogheda or across to Slane and thence to Dundalk via Ardee. 12 police at Slane Bridge over Boyne and they have been ordered to barricade the bridge. All military precautions are taken at Drogheda and Dundalk. I strongly advise that troops from Dublin in motor cars with quid firing guns should  be sent at once to Slane Co Meath to assist in rounding up the rebels who are overrunning Co Meath. I have consulted Major O.C. Troops Dundalk and he concurs.

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