“Miss McNamara ordered that we were to surrender with the men”

On Sunday, about 3 or 4 o’clock p.m., Father Augustine from Church Street and a British
Officer came along to the Distillery. As far as I know it was the Priest mentioned who first contacted Con Colbert concerning the surrender. My impression is that the Priest and the Officer went away and came back later on with Ceannt, who was not wearing either sam-brown belt or sword. The whole garrison then surrendered. Miss McNamara ordered that we were to surrender with the men, and we all did with one exception. We marched behind the men from the Distillery to Ross Road. On our way through the Coombe I picked up a rook rifle and carried it the rest of the way but I had to surrender it on orders from the British Officer. The men had to turn everything out of their pockets as well as laying down their arms. We marched under escort behind the Volunteers to Richmond Barracks. When we arrived there we were put into two rooms in the Married Quarters and locked up there for the night. The following morning 1st May, we were marched to Kilmainham Jail and kept there until 8th May.
Bureau of Military History testimony of Margaret Kennedy, Member of Cumann na mBan 1916 – Captain 1920

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