Sinn Fein Rebellion, Day 5: “200 rebels in Bolands Mills Barrow Street

7.15pm Information from Mr Doyle 23 Sir Johns Quay that between 200 and 300 of a mob are looting the B and I Premises Sir Johns Quay and carrying away tea, sugar, rum, brandy, potatoes etc.

7.25pm Military are at the Top and bottom of Green Street now,

7.30pm Col Meldon wants a good policeman in plain clothes at Broadstone Station.

7.45pm Chief Superintendent to Under Secretary, a priest from Westland Row has told me there are 200 rebels in Boland’s Mills Barrow Street. The priest had been with them and advised them to surrender but they declined to do so and stated they were confident of winning.

7.50pm Military Hd Qrs wishes that Councillor Gleeson be informed through Kilmainham Police Station that a Relief Committee has been formed with Sir Henry Robinson as Chairman to arrange for feeding the Civilian Population of Dublin and the military authorities are giving the Committee every assistance.

7.45pm Information to Police at Chancery Lane that there are five Rebel snipers on top of the malt stories that runs from Mercer Street to College of Surgeons.


“Commission is desirous of ordering the SS Tandil… to Limerick”: 7.06pm

Message Received in Chief Secretary’s Office

Received at 7.06pm From Power To MS

Will you please say what reply I may send to the following-

This commission is desirous of ordering the SS Tandil laden with sugar to Limerick but it is apprehensive as to whether there may be a risk to the cargo or apart from that a risk of the discharge of the vessel being materially delayed on account of the present position in Ireland. The Commission is very unwilling in the absence of such risks to divert sugar which normally would be allotted to the Irish consumers and more particularly so as the sugar is mainly required for the manufacture of condensed milk and I am directed to inquire whether these risks must be regarded as serious. I am directed further to request that an answer may be returned as speedily as possible as the orders for the vessel must be given almost immediately.

CS Newcastle Secy

Royal  Common on Sugar Supply

Day 5, Sinn Fein Rebellion: “Shots were fired from [Burkes] public house”

6.50pm Chief Comm informs Col Halls that Wallis stables are at Empress Placec Heitons at South Gloucester St and toward St Tedcatly in Erne Street near Wkow which is in the hands of the rebels.

6.40pm The Recorder phones to Chief Commnr that when on his way to the castle he was stopped by the Military who he states would not see to his pass. He phoned from his residence.

4.20pm Information to Police at Mountjoy that despatches were delivered on the River at the house 13 St Clements Road Drumcondra by women on bicycles relative to Insurrection.

The house is occupied by Mrs Kearns who has 4 sons Rebels.

6.45pm Information at Kilmainham Station that at 11am she saw 2 paupers of SD Union take a large sack of bread from the Union into Burkes public house opposite the Union for the use she believes of Rebels. Shots were fired from the public house during the night and it is thought the Rebels are hiding there. They are also believed to be in Hardimans close by.

“Send..the best men…who have the best knowledge of Sinn Feiners and Citizen Army”

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Castle Station of Origin Date 29 4 1916 Received at 6.45pm Sent at 6.50pm

From Chief Supt D.M.P. To All Supts

Please send here at 10am tomorrow. 5 of the best men in plain clothes from your divisions who have the best knowledge of Sinn Feiners and Citizen Army.

Phoned Superintendent A

Copied College Station

“ “ Superintendent  C B and D

Phoned to Kingstown Fire Bde @8.10pm

29 4 16 “ “ R.Mines

“Prevent looting in the ruins of the General Post Office… value in the wreck”

Received MN 6.15pm 29/4

As Secretary of the Post Office, Ireland, I have to submit the following urgent requests:-

  1. Tha such steps as are necessary be taken forthwith to prevent looting in the ruins of the General Post Office. There is probably still much of public value in the wreck – e.g. copper-and in the various safes, some of which may be intact, there are material sums of money & other articles of public & private importance.
  2. That access be given to the ruins & other points in Sackville Street for myself, Mr Gomersall, the Superintending Engineer, the Controller of the Dublin Postal District, the Controller of Telegraphs, & other officers of the Post Office known to and vouched for by us; and that the necessary passes be issued.


AH Norway


29 April 1916

Ned Daly took two paces forward and said in a loud voice: “I Am”

On the surrender we marched back through Henry Street to O’Connell St. We were lined up in single file with our backs on the Gresham Hotel where we grounded arms. After some tithe a small body of men from the Four Courts garrison under Commandant Ned Daly entered O’Connell St. from Parnell Street marched down and faced us across the street. The British General roared: “Who is in charge of this party?” Two heels clicked. Ned Daly took two paces forward and said in a loud voice: “I am”. We were then marched into the plot of ground opposite the Rotunda and remained in the open all night.

On Sunday morning we were marched to Richmond Barracks and, after a meal of dog biscuits and bully beef, we were marched to the boat that night. We were taken to Stafford Prison. After some time I was transferred to Frongoch and released at Christmas 1916.

Bureau of Military History testimony of Sean Price, Member of ‘B’ Company 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade